Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell - Python Django Developer

Hello and welcome to Peter Campbell's website!

I am a Python Django Developer, computer programmer and general all round lover of technology, good food, Call of Duty and Family Guy.

After completing a basic "How to use a computer" course in 2002 I went on to gain a BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) National Diploma in Software Development from Hopwood Hall College followed by a BSc Degree in Computing from the University of Leeds.

Primarily a back end web developer I use the Django framework for developing both in my career and for personal and small scale client websites and host this and other websites on my Virtual Private Servers. For the uninformed, Django is a web development framework written in the Python programming language and is named after the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. As a student Java was the main language taught to me and although I still use Java, Python is by far the language of choice for me for web development purposes.

Since leaving university in 2008 I worked as a Django Developer for the Realbuzz Group Ltd based in Chester until February 2012. Having worked on several large scale websites over the years I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in the technologies and techniques required to develop modern web based tools, including those used in social networks. I have also helped to develop websites for several charity based events including the Virgin London Marathon.

I currently work for a company in the fuel industry developing web based systems and services using the Django framework and other web related technologies.

Skills I developed whilst at university included:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Information Systems
  • Databases (SQL, relational databases)
  • HCI
  • Professional Development
  • Computer Systems
  • Programming (main focus was Java and Python but also C/C++)
  • Personalisation and User-Adaptive systems
  • Object-Oriented Software Engineering
  • E-Commerce
  • Computer Graphics
  • Internet Systems Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating Systems
  • Speech, Audio, and Image Processing
  • Secure Computing
  • Computer Vision
  • Building Distributed Systems
  • Bio-inspired Computing

The technologies I currently encounter on a daily basis include:

  • Django
  • Python
  • Version Control (Git/Mercurial)
  • Java
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Apache/Linux server configuration
  • Linux/Mac environments
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (JQuery)
  • Amazon S3/EC2 web services

My objectives for the future are:

  • Continue building websites and website applications using the Django framework and other web related technologies.
  • Continue maintenance of my VPS with the intention of building more client and personal websites.
  • Develop a full understanding of HTML 5 and CSS 3.
  • Become familiar with and understand technologies required to build mobile phone applications.
  • Keep up to date with technology and the web as it continues to evolve.

Feel free to contact me if you need any part time freelance work or small scale websites building.